Intelligent delivery, diversified marketing


Intelligent advertisement delivery system

The only system directly connected with Google advertising system in China. Big data machine learning, intelligent delivery, easy billing

西木 SaaS 独立站优势

Marketing tools-customer unit price and conversion rate increase

Marketing tools such as full reduction activities, limited-time promotions, bundled sales, discount codes, pop-up advertisements and floating window notices are open. Convenient and efficient, helping merchants to increase customer unit price

Customer guidance, improve repurchase


Membership system

Invite friends to buy and earn a discount. Increase the member points system and improve customer stickiness and activity

西木 SaaS 独立站优势

Advanced mailbox-farewell trash can, accurate delivery

With a few simple steps, the mail can be delivered to the customer's mailbox accurately and bid farewell to the dustbin. Recall and market artifacts to improve the transformation of So Easy

Efficient management and easy site building

Yihaoduo branch

Multiple stores can be added to one account, which is convenient and saves trouble and improves operational efficiency

Sub-account management

Support multiple people to manage the store at the same time, and assign authority management

Card type station building

Support card embedded configuration, more convenient station

Multilingual Settings

Background multi - language configuration, support 11 national languages

WeChat applet

Mobile phone WeChat small program online supervision, efficient management shop, more quick and convenient

Support PayPal

Support domestic customers to bind individual PayPal accounts to independent stations

FB Messenger chat plugin

Facebook's official online chat tool, which supports online communication with customers

B2B inquiry tool

Customers can consult commodity prices and cooperation issues through the tool

Flexible development, high degree of freedom


Support Checkout payment process free configuration, personalized customization

The Checkout entire process can be configured in 1, 2, 3 steps, and can be customized to support the Checkout process

Safe and stable, fast access

西木 SaaS 独立站优势

Amazon Global Cloud Server

Amazon global cloud server cluster, which is the fastest and most stable in the world, guarantees 100% of the speed and performance of overseas access to any country, automatically monitors and expands capacity, and provides strong guarantee for black Friday

Store monthly expense calculator

Constructions in GMV dollars


Shopify Basic version

2% draw + $29 monthly fee

*Marketing functions are charged separately


Shopify standard version

1% draw + $79 monthly fee

*Marketing functions are charged separately


  ximu premium  

  An annual exemption of 100,000 yuan  

*Free marketing function


  ximu Ultimate  

  500,000 yuan per year  

*Free marketing function


  ximu Enterprise edition  

  One million yuan per year  

*Free marketing function

Selected shop Cases
Theme CARDS can be configured flexibly. A theme can be configured to have many effects